Loo Brealey : Molly Hooper

June 4th, 20124:42 pm @

Loo Brealey : Molly Hooper

Full Name :               Louise / Loo Brealey

Date of Birth :           27 March 1979

Place of Birth :          Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK

The clumsy, shy and adorable Molly Hooper is certainly one of the characters that we would like to watch more often on Sherlock. In her awkward ways, she manages to bring a charming appeal to the whole show. Even though she spends the better part of her day with dead bodies, but there is nothing sordid about her.

Her affection for our protagonist has been quite apparent, but to no avail. She always remains at Sherlock’s beck and call, ready to help.  At times, you cannot help but feel pity for her when Sherlock brutally dissects her, making her extremely vulnerable.  You can also read her blog www.mollyhooper.co.uk, if you want to delve deeper into her character.

Louise or Loo Brealey has not been very prolific as an actress but her limited roles do show her talent. She also works as a journalist and a writer. Louise or Loo has also spent a quite lot of time on stage and won many accolades.  Her first ever appearance on stage was at the Royal Court in Max Stafford Clark’s production of Judy Upton’s Sliding with Suzanne. She is currently co-writing a comedy – drama for BBC with the name “The Charles Dickens Show”.