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Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1 : The Empty Hearse →  January 17, 2014

Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes is brought back into London by his brother Mycroft after having successfully dismantled Moriarty’s criminal network over the missing two years. Mycroft recruits Sherlock to help prevent an imminent underground terrorist cell attacking London. Sherlock promises to do so but by his own method – waiting for certain “markers” to make unusual […]

How Molly Hooper makes us swoon in Sherlock season 3 →  January 17, 2014

Before this gets out of hand, let me start by saying I’m not a Molly/ Sherlock shipper. I’m not a Sherlock/ Anybody shipper. However, there is a certain charm in Molly Hooper that is very peculiar, especially in Sherlock season 3. If I know people, the first thing leveled against liking her would be that […]

Loo Brealey : Molly Hooper →  June 4, 2012

Full Name :               Louise / Loo Brealey Date of Birth :           27 March 1979 Place of Birth :          Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK The clumsy, shy and adorable Molly Hooper is certainly one of the characters that we would like to watch more often on Sherlock. In her awkward ways, she manages to bring a charming appeal […]